Data and Tools to Counter Terrorism
Security by Design

Protection of public spaces from terrorist attacks

The art of providing effective protection against terrorism threats
through the Security by Design concept


This tool allows a preliminary assessment of the expected consequences after the impact of a blast wave on structures, structural components and people. Its results are based on a combination of Pressure-Impulse curves and empirically-derived blast parameters.

Vehicle Ramming Tool

The tool assesses the maximum speed of threat vehicles by using the urban street geometry from web mapping platforms (openstreetmap). It facilitates the selection of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measures which is based on the combination of threat vehicle speed and mass.


EUROPLEXUS is a simulation software dedicated to the analysis of fast transient phenomena. The programme is used to assess the performance of structural models under blast and impact.

Urban Blast Simulator

The effects of the propagation of blast waves in urban environments can be modelled by creating simulation models from web mapping platforms (openstreetmap) and analysed through EUROPLEXUS software.

Generic Vehicle Models

Numeric generic vehicle models can be used to simulate the impact of vehicles on various structural components, such as vehicle barriers. Such simulations may facilitate the development of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures.

EMM Terrorism Database

This database is generated automatically utilising European Media Monitor (EMM) events extracted daily via various information sources (news, newspapers, social media etc.). Machine learning approaches are used for providing better quality results.